A wife ,  a mom,  a lawyer (who runs her own firm), a soon to be 50 year old (that looks way closer to 40)  a friend to so many and one of the most social and fun people I know a takes on her first marathon in just 3 weeks from now. In all the years of my coaching, I gotta say I am most psyched to see this one cross the finish line!!!  I have trained Deb for years now.  During training sessions she would often say, “What should my goal be?” I certainly didn’t come up with this crazy idea 🙂 of running a marathon but let’s find out how it came to be….

Kasey: Alrighty, what in the world has inspired you to do a marathon?

Deb:   Kasey, you’re starting with a hard question and going to disclose a bit in this answer so bear with me.  There’s a lot that has inspired me to run a marathon.  It’s always been on my bucket list but having the courage to commit took me a little.  I signed up in 2018 to run Chicago Marathon but deferred after having a tough 2018.  After the dust settled, I realized that the marathon would not be any harder than what I just juggled.   It pains me to even write about how hard the year was but my sons both struggled emotionally with different issues, two close friends were diagnosed with cancer, another friend committed suicide, my back went out and my work (of all times) was the most successful year in my career.  When 2019 came, I realized that running a marathon could not be as hard as what I just went through. I was stronger than I realized and turning 50, for me, has become about embracing it.  You know that feeling, when you stop saying you’re going to do something and start doing it. Speaking of, it’s all getting very real!

Kasey:  Why Chicago?

Deb:  That’s easy, fast, flat and pre-daylight savings time! Plus, sponsored by Goose Island Beer!!!

Kasey: What has gotten you out the door and hitting the pavement to complete your long runs this summer?

Deb: Kasey, you’ve been the single biggest motivator for me getting out the door. Between the running program, the connection with other runners both at track and on Strava and your texts either pre-or post-run, all of it has kept me going each week.

Kasey: What do you think about on the long runs?

Deb:  I run alone without any headphones or music which, if you can read between the lines, tells you I’m completely in my head during this long runs.  And, that’s not a bad place, I use the time to think about everything from work, to my family and to myself.   It’s a time for me to listen to what is around me, whether it’s the traffic, the water, the leaves, I use the time to check out and just be.

Kasey:   Biggest obstacle so far?

Deb: The biggest obstacle is consistency, hands down, is the hardest hurdle.  There are bumps, between your body and just needing an extra day to recover, your schedule or the weather, learning to plan it out is the key to consistency and being flexible.

Kasey: Mantra going into this marathon?

Deb: My mantra is own it! Own your life, make it the journey you want to have and tune out the negative energy.

Kasey:  What are you most proud thus far – training wise?

Deb:  Going to wait on this answer until the race is done…because that is going to be my biggest accomplishment but every run that I get through becomes a new accomplishment.  Sticking to the program, that’s the goal.

Kasey:  So at 50 are you feeling more fit than 40?:)

Deb: I think that I’m more fit than I’ve ever been but more importantly, I’m a little wiser, humble and grateful for it.

Kasey:  Anything else you would like to add Mrs, Future Marathoner?

Deb:So much more but know, you are the BEST!!!!

Kasey:  Well thank you , that all certainly made my day! And if I can say one thing is for sure is you have certainly OWNED this training!!!  I will be at the finish line with a Goose Beer in hand for ya!! Let’s do this !!!!


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