Why YOU should do a Marathon ?
1)  It’s been on your mind for awhile now and it is about time you take care of it.
2) It is good physically and emotionally  to have a goal and great to have a lofty one. Training for a marathon is life- changing…in a good way. You will learn to appreciate long easy runs and may actually even look forward to them.
3)  Your entering a new decade ( 30, 40, 50, 60) and want to challenge yourself?
4) Having something to train for will put a pep in your step – literally .  And who couldn’t benefit from that?
5) Because you aren’t getting any younger….might as well do it now.  Take my word for it…..it only gets harder!
6) Most importantly……because YOU CAN!!!!!
Why YOU should train with GoalsFit?
1) We make it fun!
2) You will have a great coach (me):
I will hold you accountable, provide a 6 month schedule with all the coaching advice and encouragement you need to get to the finish line. And, I  will answer your 1000 + questions you will have from Day 1 till the marathon day.
3) More importantly you will have a GREAT team! And take my word for it, this is probably the most important thing.  The team will meet for long runs, provide encouragement , get you out of bed in the morning,  make it fun, provide good conversations and be there to listen  when you frustrated.
4) We will set up challenges and fun runs along the way so the schedule will never seem too overwhelming.
5) Our Marathon / Tuesday Workouts will make you STRONG! The stronger you are- the easier the long runs become.
We currently have 3 spaces available and would LOVE for you to join us.  Program starts up next Tuesday, May 21st!
Please go to goalsfit.com and click on RUNNING to register! 

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