You made it through the lottery process, now you have to make it 10 miles down Broad Street. Here are 10 tips to make your race a  smoother, more enjoyable and hopefully faster!

  1. Hardest part for sure is actually getting there.  Have you thought about that yet? GoalsFit is offering a bus to drop you off at the start and pick you up at the finish.  This is easiest (and most fun) way to go for sure.   We have few spots left so email me asap if interested.
  2. Bring extra layers / some throw away clothing to hang out in beforehand.  Chances are you will be there at least an hour before your coral starts.  The last thing you want to do is waste energy keeping warm or dry.
  3. Broad Street is known to be super crowded and congested in the beginning.  Be patient- it will loosen up.  Yes , your first miles may be slower but that usually means you will have more energy to finish in the end.
  4. First timer?  Go out and enjoy.  Take in the crowds.  Count how many McDonalds you run pass (it’s alot) , read the funny signs on the sidelines,  offer your neighbors encouragement and just run with it.  You have nothing to prove but to get to that finish line.
  5. Going for a PR? Figure out the pace you have to run to get that time (hopefully you know that by now).  This is helpful calculator to help you to do so if not — .  Stay as close to that pace as possible.  You are not in faster shape than you think you are (usually).  Rein it in  – you can always speed it up at the end if you have extra gas in the tank.
  6. Do not get too excited around city hall.  This is roughly the half -way point and the crowds are crazy.  Make it conscious effort to “stay in your saddle” as they may say.
  7. Be prepared for the discomfort.  You will get through it!!!!
  8. Focus on picking people off once you get to mile 8.  One at a time and no more.  Use the energy and satisfaction you get from passing one person to pass the next.
  9. You are NOT finished at the Navy Yard.  At this point you still have a quarter mile to go.  Save your final kick.
  10.  Have fun and wear your GoalsFit Shirt ! If you need one, let me know:) !

Good :Luck and have a blast!

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