Julie, will be taking on her fist marathon this November. She can tell you first hand, training hasn’t been all smiles, in fact, a few tears may have been shed.    She battled a few bouts of bronchitis throughout the training cycle and also dealt with a stressful work and busy home life. But that didn’t stop her!!!  Like the song sings,  when she got knocked down,  SHE got up again!!! Go Jul- looking forward to seeing you cross the finish line.
Q:  What inspired you to run?
A:  Initially I wanted to lose weight after having my son.  I’ve dabbled a little bit in the past with a couple 5k races. I always used running on a treadmill as a way to loose weight but didn’t think about the fact that I really enjoyed it.  Then I heard about your track program and thought it would be fun.  It snow balled after that into a love of running.
Q:  What was going on in your life during the time?
A:  I had just had my son.  I also decided to leave a horrible job I hated and become a stay at home mom while my son was little.  I was feeling lost and needed something to help me gain focus and confidence in my life.
Q:  How did it change your life?
A:  In so many ways!  It wasn’t just about losing weight anymore. It was about feeling strong and accomplished.  I found so many wonderful friends through running. I  also using running to meditate and run off the stress of life.
Q:  How does running make you feel?
A:  There are so many emotions that occur during a run.  I feel accomplished, happy, focused, angry, defeated, light, energetic.  At the end of every single run I am elated.
And for that reason , she sticks with it-  Few things in life can make you feel “elated” !

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