Thank you for checking out the new website. And a huge thank you to Rachael Balascak with Rae Hearts Design for capturing the exact feel I was going for and most importantly making it super easy to navigate through. It was a fun process working with Rae Hearts Design and whole-heartedly would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Now for the fun stuff. Please take a few minutes to navigate through the website and get a good feel free for it.

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Contests: Good till 4/2 ! Get on it!!! 

  • First person to do my workout video and post about it on the GoalsFit facebook page, wins a GoalsFit long sleeve!
  • First person to SCHEDULE ( please head over to the calendar) his or her next workout, and post about it, wins a GoalsFit tank!
  • First person to schedule a personal training assessment, will receive $50.00 off a 6 pack of personal training!
  • First person to register for online running training, will receive one month free!
  • First person to take advantage of a free trial pass, will receive 50.00 off his or her first month!
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