Meg, member of the You Should Be Running Team will be taking on her 2nd Philadelphia Marathon!!!  Meg has had a busy and stressful few months with unexpected family circumstances.  She kept her family her #1 priority and when things settled down she got right back to business / training!!!  Proud of Meg for and excited for her to bring home another marathon medal to join her collection.
Q:  What inspired you to sign up for the marathon for the 2nd time?
A:  Running the marathon the first time was an amazing feeling. All of my friends and family and the goals fit community cheering me on was unreal. Last year I wasn’t able to run it and I missed it so much and knew I needed to do it again. 
Q:  Biggest struggle throughout this training season?
A:  This year I had some challenges with my family and it made it tough to have the energy to run and to make the time to get out there and get the miles in. I had a hard time remembering that running is something that I want to do and something that makes me happy as opposed to an obligation. Running is a great therapy to get through tough times. 
Q:  What helps get out the door for your long run?
A:  Meeting up with friends and knowing how awesome the feeling is when your finished! 

Q:  What are you most proud of to date?

A:  The 20 miler! My 18 mile run didn’t go so hot and I was pretty anxious for 20. But mind over matter and an awesome support system and I got it done! 

Q:  Mantra going in to the marathon?

One mile at a time. Push through and get it done!

Q:  One word to describe the feeling when done with a long run?


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