Each year, we offer our half marathon training program to two people free or charge.  This year’s winners both happen to be 1) Brides 2) Beginners when it comes to running.  My hope is that running become a healthy habit for them and they learn to enjoy it.  Looking forward to both Meghan and Regan officially becoming half marathoners in November.  If you would like to joint the three month program starting mid August, please head on over to goalsfit.com and head to our running page.

Meet Regan: Getting Married in March –

Running has never been something that came easy to me but I’ve always envied those that can just run. Despite being an athlete my entire life running anything more than a pondo was hard for me. Since personal training started I’ve got a whole new confidence that I could definitely see myself running this. It would probably be my biggest victory to date! On top of having my wedding coming up in 2020 and the weight loss aspect being amazing, as you know the beginning of 2019 wasn’t so great so in May I decided to try and make the rest of the year, “The Year of Regan” and really try to work on getting myself healthy, for and into a more confident mindset!

Meet Meghan:

So my name is Meghan.  I’ll be 35 in sept and getting married in June. Every year I try and make a physical goal for myself, something new to get excited about and this is def one of those things! My goal is to rehabilitate myself and become a stronger person, relieve some of that stress and anxiety that comes from everyday life and new transitions back here and finally face a new challenge with an open mind and arms!!

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