Who says you need time to train for a marathon? 🙂  If anyone is busy, I would say Alyssa surely is.  A doctor, a wife , a mother of two young children. Her schedule didn’t prevent her from training for the Philly Marathon.  Alyssa sticks to the schedule, checks off runs as they go and always asks for suggestions if she has to miss a workout.  And because of that , she will be a 1st Time Philly Marathoner in just about a week.  Go Alyssa Go!!!! You are going to love it (well most of it anyway)!

Q: What inspired you to be part of this program and take on a marathon?

I became a member of an awesome FB group called Mama Docs Run This (MDRT) after having run my first race at Broad Street in 2017.  I was cheering last year’s MDRTs and a good friend running the Philly Full and got so much FOMO! My trainer, Kate Rosen at AFC, had put me on Kasey’s list for transportation to Broad Street and I was also seeing her posts and ultimately got the bug to join the Goals Fit track challenge for the year – Broad Street Run through Philly Marathon.  I love having a plan and checking off workouts when they are done.

Q:  Biggest struggle throughout this training season?
Keeping up with my hunger!  

Q: What helps get out the door for your long run?

Loving the meetups and the organization! Thank you to Kasey, Jules, Colleen, Deb, Donna, and Heather for joining me out there and making sure I have people to meet up with, at least to start. 

Q: What are you most proud of to date?

 This is the first summer I consistently ran – usually the heat wipes me out.  

Q:  Mantra going in to the marathon?

Stealing from a friend: It won’t be pretty, but it will be beautiful!

Q: One word to describe the feeling when done with a long run? 

Beautiful it will be!!!

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