Katie Kav,  part of the GoalsFit You Should Be Running Marathon team takes on her first marathon in 3 weeks from now (11/24).  After seeing how much Katie enjoyed training for the half last year, there no way I was going to let the opportunity of training for a full pass her by (and yes I may have peer pressured her tad into signing up).   Katie literally went from being a struggling runner in the back of the pack  to being a super strong runner and setting the pace for others at track.  Not only is she ready, but I think we have a lifer on our hands and she may be in it for the long haul!!

Meet Katie:)

Q: What inspired you to be part of this program and take on a marathon?

A:  My sister and I had so much fun training for Broad Street and the Philly Half last year. After those races I felt up to to the challenge, and after a lot of pep talks (re: peer pressure) from Kasey I decided to go for it. 

Q: Biggest struggle throughout this training season? 

A:  Scheduling work outs/long runs around life. It takes some type A planning to figure out when you need to eat, sleep, hydrate, etc to make sure you can work hard at your work outs and also make it to work on time and be a productive human without falling asleep at your desk at 1pm. 

Q:  What helps get out the door for your long run?

A:  I plan everything the day before – what I’m going to eat, drink, wear, listen to (if I’m running by myself), etc. I have to have my clothes laid out and water/gu/etc ready to go so that I’m not scrambling at 5am. 

Q: What are you most proud of to date?

A:  I’m proud of myself for getting my work outs done during the summer heat, rain, early mornings, etc. It’s really tempting to sleep in especially when the weather is crappy, but I started saying to myself “will I be proud of myself at the finish line if I skip this work out/run?” which really helps motivate me to get there and work hard.  

Q: Mantra going in to the marathon?  

A:  My go-to is “get what you came for.” I didn’t sign up for easy, I signed up to become a marathoner!! 

Q:  One word to describe the feeling when done with a long run?

A:  Hungry


Go Katie go! Can’t wait for the post marathon happy hour:) !!

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