With the marathon being 3 weeks  (yikes) away, it is time to meet the GoalsFit You Should Be Running Team.  First runner up is Colleen.  Colleen will be taking on the Philly Marathon for the 2nd time. She has been a true leader on and off the track this year- always working 110% at track practice along with organizing team long runs on the weekends.  Since indoor boot camp (January, 2019) I noticed Colleen up’ing her game- pushing it to the max day in and day out and I have no doubt those results will pay off come race day.  Her fitness is up to speed ( no pun intended)! Thanks for being such a leader Colleen and looking forward to 11/24!!

What inspired you to be part of this program and take on a marathon?

I cheered on the Goals Fit team during the 2018 Marathon. I was blown away by Manayunk’s support, and the Goals Fit community.

  • Biggest struggle throughout this training season? Coming back from vacation!! I took off for 10 days, and coming back to the long distance was SO HARD.
  • What helps get out the door for your long run?The Marathon Team! Waking up at 5:30am on a Saturday is a lot easier when the team is counting on you being there.
  • What are you most proud of to date?Keeping my priorities straight!!  Looking at my work/ personal schedule ahead of time to make sure I can fit in my long runs, track practice, and work outs in.
  • Mantra going in to the marathon?Pain is temporary, pride is forever!
  • One word to describe the feeling when done with a long run?Exhilarated!!

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