You did it!!!! You made it through the most fun four years of your life and now it is time to take on the real world.  How will you do it?  Juggle working 9-5, having a social life , paying bills and staying / getting fit. Here are 10 tips to help you along the way-

  1. Get your workout over first thing in the am! Believe me, your gonna be tempted and pressured into the after work happy hours.
  2. Make your workout social.  It is more fun that way!!!
  3. Set a Goal!!!! Run a 5k, half marathon or marathon?
  4. Set a schedule and stick with it.  Allow for some days off.
  5. Appreciate how a workout makes you feel. And when your tempted to skip a workout- think of that post workout bliss feeling!
  6. Change it up!!!  Don’t get into the rut of doing the same workout all the time.
  7. Get Outside- it is good for the mind , body and soul plus a little color makes everyone feel good.
  8. Single?  Heck , view it as opportunity as a chance to meet someone!!! Like I said,  make it SOCIAL!
  9. Treat yourself to some new workout gear with that graduation money!! Look good, feel good!
  10. Join GoalsFit:  We make fitness fun and will get you fit!!!! Email with a copy of your 2019 diploma and I will send you a promo code for one month FREE of boot camp.

Congratulations and good luck in the real world!!!  We hope you become part of the GoalsFit community!

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